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88+ Hours of Battery Life?

What if a new technology came around that eliminated the need to brush your teeth everyday?

Instead, you could brush once per week and still have pearly white teeth, perfectly fresh breath… with no cavities or tooth decay!

What if a similar innovation axed your daily shower? Imagine taking just one bath per week (perhaps in some space-aged device)... and smelling like a fresh daisy all week long?

What if you only had to work one day per week instead of five?

In any of these situations, you’d instantly welcome such a change… and recognize it for the miracle that it truly is.

But some revolutions are more subtle; a bit harder to recognise.

Everyday, we’re enslaved by our devices. We’re at their mercy. If we forget to plug them in even once, our day can be ruined.

If you forget to charge your bluetooth headphones overnight, you run the risk of having a dull workout, a noisy commute, or distraction-filled day at the office.

One small mistake could throw you off completely. And with so much stress on your plate, it can take days to recover your momentum.

With the Phaiser 950 bluetooth headphones, this problem will be gone forever. Combined with it’s portable charging port, you’ll have 88+ hours of undisturbed playing time.

How incredible is that?

Just keep your charging port in your bag and you’ll be covered -- from your daily commute to your end of day day workout… once… twice... a full seven days in a row!

To learn more about how these headphones will change your life, go here: [LINK]

Martin Frischknecht

Founder, Phaiser.com

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