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An uncensored review from a customer (pros and cons)

A customer purchased a pair of Phaiser BHS-730 headphones, and then they left the following review:

Amazon Review BHS-730

We wanted to share this raw, uncensored and depth-review with you, because 344 other Amazon shoppers found it helpful. Perhaps you will too.

Here we go:

I've been using this product for over two weeks and they have become part of my workout staple. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a pair of reliable workout earbuds. I love them so much I will most likely buy another pair for my girlfriend who ended up getting a pair of cheap quality earbuds.

Below are some tips/observations of my use of the device.

Charging this device:

  1. DO NOT pull off the cap to the charging port. The cap is cleverly connected to the bud so you don't lose the cap. Just lightly remove the cap and rotate it off to the side and plug in the micro USB.
  1. When charging a faint white LED light can be seen near the + button of the microphone. There is no indicator to let you know the charge, but from my experience I've typically charged about 2 hours for a full charge.

Ear Buds:

  1. Free Comply ear buds (I would highly suggest using the Comply isolation foam ear buds. These are amazing and regularly retail for $20). It almost gives you a sound cancellation
  1. If you don't prefer the Comply then there are two different types and three different sizes to chose from.


  1. Two clicks in rapid succession will skip the track forward or backwards. Press and hold if you want to increase/decrease the volume for more than one click.
  1. Sound quality was clear and very loud (I had to set mine to the lowest volume)


  1. The both ear buds were metal and not cheap plastic.
  2. The wire is flat which makes it a little tangle resistant and lays flat on your neck.
  3. The microphone has a rubberized feel to them with satisfying feedback when you press them.
  4. Sweat proof!
  5. Love the fact there is a magnet in the earbuds. It is so comfortable I forget I have them with me when not in use.


  1. Great construction and design.
  2. Lots of thought was taken to create this product. Well done 7Desk!!

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Martin Frischknecht


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