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How Phaiser saved one customer’s job

How Phaiser saved one customer’s job

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These are my first set of wireless headphones so I didn't much idea of what to expect.

I finally made the switch after realising that the iPhone 7's design made it impossible to listen with their plugs and charge, and if you're streaming on a non-wifi connection as I do at work, it sucks a lot of battery life.

I just kinda read an exorbitant amount of reviews and decided these were the pair for me because

  1. a) magnets! I love them. I have no shame for love of them.
  1. b) accoutrements. I am a sucker for accessorizing my accessories. Do I what all that stuff is for? Hell no! Do I care? Hell no! Life is all about choices, and I like my headphones to be able to enjoy the little pleasures of choices just as I do.
  1. c) the fact that comply tips were part of previously mentioned accoutrements. Another thing about my work is that they don't allow those huge (and effective) noise blocking headphones.

My office unfortunately is also peopled by a multitude of individuals who like to stand RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR CUBIE WALLS AND SCREAM ABOUT THE INANITIES OF THEIR LIVES.

Add to that an extreme case of misophonia and a dude who likes to clips his nails at his desk, and we've got a perfect storm of things that make me wanna burn things to the ground. These comply tips are the best at outside noise blocking aside from actual foam earplugs.

  1. d) the carrying case is super solid and nice.
  1. e) the sound quality is great compared my old plugs.
  1. f) they fit perfectly. I'm not a big runner/person who enjoys sweating, but if I found myself running for my life and needed a soundtrack to go along, these wouldn't be budging.

These are a great price and I love them. 10/10 would buy again and have already recommended to my friends.

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Martin Frischknecht


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    I bought the BHS-730 model, they worked great, but after about a month the left speaker stopped working, I called customer service and within 3 days I had received a replacement set. Great customer service that goes hand in hand with a great product. love the wireless set, sound, quality and service.