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Perfect Sound Quality - Even For Audiophiles

Did you know?

Every Phaiser model comes with a range of 20 to 20,000 Hertz. This is the full range of the human ear, which means that our technology matches your biology PERFECTLY.

In fact…

It’s impossible to hear a sound that a Phaiser can’t play!

On top of that, our headphones have memory-foam ear tips which provide an instant fit, plus earplug-level passive noise canceling.

With this enhancement, you can banish every distraction, every annoyance, every irritation -- and escape to a paradise at the push of a button!

Phaiser captures every rippling note, vibration, and octave WITHOUT distortion. Our customizable equalizer settings also give you the freedom to have a unique listening experience.

While your friends keep complaining about flaws and glitches, your Phaisers will pump thunderous bass and give you goosebumps from the soaring highs -- you’ll feel as if you’re part of a captive audience.

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Martin Frischknecht


P.S. Here’s a quick summary of Phaiser’s most popular features:

  • Our bluetooth earbuds were designed by Swiss sound engineers and tested by professional musicians to ensure a high fidelity listening experience -- so crisp and clear you’ll swear you’re listening live!
  • Cutting-edge 8mm speakers allow you to enjoy booming basslines and high volume without distortion.
  • 8-hour battery life will have you jamming from your morning commute until your evening workout without interruption.
  • “NO-DROP” ear fins and T-400 memory foam ear tips make Phaisers damn comfortable -- and they keep your device secure during vigorous workouts.
  • FREE REPLACEMENT TIPS are included in the box.
  • Magnetic earbuds clip together for easy storage.
  • Sub-2 hour charge time.
  • Phaiser LifeState™ technology shows remaining battery on your mobile device.
  • Phaiser Omnicontrol™ lets you quickly and easily change settings from our intuitive control pad.
  • Protected from sweat, snow, mud and rain by patented Liquipel nano coating. Love running, biking, or working out? Don’t be afraid to push your workouts to the max! We’ll replace any buds that get damaged by sweat.
  • 3 separate warranties from Amazon, Phaiser AND the manufacturer -- if you’re unsatisfied, 100% of your money back is GUARANTEED
  • Fast and friendly customer service can help you with any issues you may encounter with your buds and answer any questions you have.

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