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Phaisers Fit My Melon Head & Cauliflower Ears Perfectly

Phaisers Fit My Melon Head & Cauliflower Ears Perfectly

Is it easy to find headphones with the right “fit”?

This is a very common problem.

If your headphones won’t fit… if they fall out whenever you go for a run… if they cause you irritation… it’s all too natural to start believe a lie.

When you get your first set of headphones and discover they don’t fit, it's easy to blame the headphones.

With your second pair, perhaps you still blame the defective product

...But eventually, when nothing seems to fit, you end up blaming yourself.

That’s when thoughts start to creep into your mind like, “My head is too big...” or, “My ears are too small...”

Phaiser takes a different approach.

First, we started with the genuine assumption that every body type is perfect “as is”. Then we baked our philosophy into each our designs.

With this mindset, we found a way to fit every conceivable head size and ear shape WITHOUT insulting our customers.

We accomplished this in 2 major ways:

  1. We provide you with small, medium, and large ear tips for personalized comfort. With 3 options to choose from 99% of you’re able to adjust the size to your requirements
  2. You get small medium and large wing tips. Not only do our signature wing-tip designs ensure a secure fit in your ear, you have a multiple sizes to find the perfect fit. The wings will fit any head size, no matter how large or small.

With these features, you’ll be able to wear your Phaisers all day at work without feeling any discomfort. Snug, cozy, and comfortable, are words that are frequently mentioned in our 15000+ Amazon reviews.

We’ve also added powerful magnets inside each ear bud so you can clip them around your neck when you’re not wearing them. Once secured, it’s almost impossible for your headphones to fall off!  

To find out more about our innovative headphones go here.

Talk soon,

Martin Frischknecht


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