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Say Goodbye to Sweat-damaged Headphones

Say Goodbye to Sweat-damaged Headphones

Many people have no idea how corrosive the salt in sweat can be.

  • Salt water corrodes metal five times faster than fresh water does.
  • Salty ocean air causes metal to corrode TEN times faster than humid air would.

This is why we athletes struggle to find headphones that are durable enough to meet our needs.

Everyday you pound the pavement, sweat builds up. Then it seeps into the cracks and crevices of your device. Moist rubber begins to break down. Even industrial-strength adhesives begin to dissolve.

As your device marinades in sweat, its lifespan begins to shorten. Before long, your headphones stop working as they were intended to.

In addition to the general wear and tear, the moisture also puts the electrical hardware of your device at risk. One customer told us that he watched helplessly as a bead of sweat rolled all the way into his left earbud of his last pair of headphones -- permanently destroying it.

Every device we carry is covered in a special Liquipel coating to prevent this corrosive action caused by sweat. This preserves the natural lifespan of your device, so it doesn’t fall apart from natural day-to-day use.

We’re so proud of this protective feature, we back it with a Lifetime Sweatproof Warranty. (And, unlike a guarantee, a warranty is a legally binding contract.)

Here’s our basic promise so you:

If you have a problem with your bluetooth headphones, you’re covered from THREE different angles.  

  • Amazon gives you a strandard 30-day warrantee.
  • We give you an additional 60-day Money Back Guarantee.
  • We ALSO give you a 12 month “Worry Free” Warranty -- this covers any manufacturing defects.

With so many safety nets, you’re able to hold everyone in the supply chain accountable for your satisfaction -- the retailer, the brand owner (that’s us!) and the manufacturerer.

So… If for any reason your headset should break, or if you dislike any of it's functions, we will replace it or refund you the full purchase price.


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Martin Frischknecht


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