Welcome to our new Website! – Phaiser
Welcome to our new Website!

Welcome to our new Website!

We put in a lot of effort and finally the new website is ready! We are happy to announce that we will provide even better service and a more awesome buying experience than ever. We are looking forward to present our latest releases and interesting background information on this Blog.

Thank you so much for your Support!
Martin Frischknecht

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  • B

    Would be helpful to publish instructions on how best to insert into ear, and how to achieve optimal fit using the different size parts included.

  • M
    Mark Pasqule

    I have been using your product for almost a year , I wear them everyday at work for hearing protection and music and really like your product > I had a charging issue and your customer service took very good care of me and I am going to be receiving the new version of your BHS-730 .

    Thank you for a Great product and service .

    Mark Pasquale

  • F

    i got the 730 so far i like em..sound pretty good and hold up well when running on the treadmill