Our Stroy – Phaiser LLC

Our mission is to revolutionise the way people workout using technology.

Phaiser was created from a simple idea: working out should be fun again!

Since its launch in 2014, Phaiser has earned recognition from countless excited users and is now one of the leading wireless workout headphone brands.

We set out to deliver true value and believed that with enough hard work, innovation and technology we could help active people significantly improve the result of their workout.

Everybody exercises with a goal in mind. That’s why Phaiser is driven to engineer technology that doesn't compromise on sound, performance, durability and design.

Phaiser has disrupted the sports Bluetooth® headphone market in the US and is obsessed with redefining the way we use mobile technology.

Our vision is to create a world where wireless truly means wireless, a world where nothing straps you down.

The people behind Phaiser:

Phaiser was founded by Swiss entrepreneur Martin J. Frischknecht in 2014. As a fan of heavy bass music, Martin was disappointed with the performance of headphones available at the time and wanted to create a product for himself that would stand up to the challenges of the environment, be non-restrictive for physical activity and provide the sound he loves.

After issues with his first production and the lack of support from his supplier, Martin decided to learn everything there is to know about Bluetooth headphone technology.

He started to design new user interface concepts as well as tuning sound and technical components of every model.

As Martin saw the huge impact of the headphones first hand, he decided to partner up with Dario J. Mundhenke, also a Swiss entrepreneur. As former competitors in the Swiss market, they knew each other’s skills very well and a deal was quickly struck to cooperate.

The company resulting from this cooperation focuses on delivering the perfect product and the perfect service as one outstanding experience.

Phaiser now makes the world’s most innovative Bluetooth headphones.

Join the Phaiser Movement. Together we can create unlimited possibilities.

Why Phaiser?

Designed for Ultimate Freedom:

Our initial mission was not only to design beautiful wearable technology but at the same time make our products feature rich and extremely resilient to withstand even the most severe conditions.

All our products are therefore manufactured using the latest technology in order to create the most advanced gear in the industry.

Feel the Love from Our Customer Service:

We understand how important real customer service is, in case you ever need it.

Our fanatical customer service team, which is available 24/7, will be more than happy to answer all of your awesome questions.

We are a fast growing company simply because we always put the customer first!